Perfect Florals

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Perfect Florals

Rozes Cc
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Hi I’m Rozie. New digital artist. I’ve spent months learning to use and create using the procreate app and now I’m ready to sell the brushes I’ve made! I hope you enjoy using them.

In this set I’ve made easy to use pressure sensitive brushes to make digital flowers, leaves, wreaths, feathers and they can even be used for lettering!

Included: 37 brushes.

Feel free to tag me in your posts! (@rozescc) but most importantly ENJOY and have fun!!!

(If the brush strokes don't look right, turn on/off orient to screen in brush settings-properties)



All preparation materials, visuals and sketches, including the electronic files, original designs (or edited versions by someone other than creator), used to create these brushes remain the property of Rozie Fields.

You are not allowed to share the original or edited versions of this product.

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I want this!

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Last updated May 24, 2023

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